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Kailua Seasoning Company
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Blends Inspired by the Flavors of Hawaii

Made in Kailua, Rooted in Tradition.

Kailua is a small, beach town on the Hawaiian island of O`ahu. This area was once home to cattle and its waters have been fished for years upon years. The community has grown since those days but the spirit of community amongst its residents is still strong.

The spirit of Kailua is rooted in tradition, family, and community. We have worked hard to retain these values which can be seen in the strong sense of “local” you find in the land between Kailua beach and the Ko`olau Mountain Range.

The Kailua Seasoning Company was started to encourage the sharing of the local Kailua spirit and our blends and salts have been inspired by that same. Kailua is just a small part or a larger picture of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawai`i is a melting pot for culture and food. All of our salts are curated from a small producer on the island of Molokai. Since ancient times, Moloka`i has been the center of salt production in the Hawaiian Islands.

We hope that you enjoy the flavors of Hawaii though the Kailua Seasoning Company as much as we do!


Aloha Smoke Spice - Most Popular Item

Smoked Hawaiian Seasoned Sea Salt Blend: This smoky salt and chili blend will awaken your tastebuds with the spices of Aloha!

Ahi Fish Sear

Spicy Blackened Fish Rub: This hot and spicy blend will add the right amount of kick to any seared fish!


Kiawe Smoke Salt

Kiawe Wood Infused Salt: Add a smoky Hawaiian flavor to your next dish with our Smoked Kiawe Salt!

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