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Hardware Science
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Our locally owned Ace Hardware and Ben Franklin Crafts stores can be found throughout Hawaii. We are fortunate to call this place home and look for ways to contribute to our communities. Hardware Science is a program we started to help introduce simple science concepts through every day items.


We created DIY project kits, published workbooks, film a series of science activities on our YouTube channel, “Hands On Science”, and are available to do workshops for your school or organization.

PVC Rocket Launcher: 

Take flight with your own hardware store rocket launcher!  No batteries required – the rocket is powered by you!


Desktop Hydroponics:

Recycle plastic bottles into a desktop hydroponic wicking bed and grow your own herbs and leafy vegetables!


Crystal Growing Kit:

“Grow” three different crystals in your kitchen! This kit demonstrates the effects of molecules bonding together to create solid, beautiful crystals.


All kits retail for $20



Phone:  (808) 380-2988            


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