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Francis Pimmel

Francis Pimmel is a scale modeler who has undertaken, in the last 25 years, to showcase canoes from across Oceania and to replicate them true to their ancient appearance while the quality of work and finish is one of our time. The art of packing canoe models is Francis's second geeg !

Manini Hokule'a.png

"Manini" Hokule'a" , a 4"1/2 cute model carved using Koa and sold in an opem-End showcase.

Price: $ 132.00

Mini Hawaiian racing canoe.png

Mini Hawaiian racing canoe. Long by 9 inches, carved using Koa and sold in a box in the color of a famous Brand. Tiffany it is.

Price: $ 198.00

An exquisite 6 inch model of Hokule'a sold with showcase in an amazing gift box.

Price: $ 240.00


Francis Pmimmel

(C) 808-741-5560

Instagram @ hawaiiancanoes2

6 inch model of Hokule'a.png
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