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Emi Ink
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Emi Ink celebrates the "joy of paper" by curating, creating and connecting. Whether we're curating handmade washi from Japan for our signature notecards and notebooks, creating original greeting card designs to reflect our island roots and Okinawan/Japanese influences, or simply connecting customers to our deep love of paper, we hope that our products bring with it a sense of pure joy. We strive to create paper goods that even the most passionate stationery enthusiasts will love!


The Sansei Collection is a reflection of owner Stacey Emi Shiroma's "sansei" experience in Hawaii, with elements inspired by her Okinawan roots, Japanese creative muses and island home.


Emi Ink's 2021 desk calendar offers a refreshing dose of color therapy with its beautiful and abstract watercolor shapes.



Stacey Emi Shiroma, Owner + Designer

Emi Ink
Phone: 808.227.1997

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For those who love a variety of prints, our mini assorted washi note card sets are the perfect choice.

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