It's Unique!

Halloween and Christmas Whimsy (Necklaces:  $75; Bracelets:  $35

Ocean Whimsical necklaces with lampwork beads and hand-blown glass. $85

“It’s Unique!” offers whimsical, “one of a kind” jewelry for Halloween, Christmas and other occasions with Lamp work Beads and hand-blown glass.   Ocean Whimsy bracelets and necklaces feature very different Keshi and Biwa Pearl designs.  Each one is unique and is a cut above in quality.

Recently added…creative and fun masks, lined with color popping prints and a fit that is so comfortable that you will keep it on in the car. (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hawaiian, Doggie, Happy/Fun and whimsical.) “Wow!”

Creative, nicely lined “I want it!” Masks. Stylish pattern!” Very comfortable. $10


Shari Lee-Huntoon


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